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Someone in Belgium rode a bike for 172 miles and their route was the shape of a Duvel glass. strava.com/activities/40844578

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Bounced a rabbit off the front of the grannywagon last night whilst doing 60 down the A61.

Yeah, cheers for the damage. I see why Walt Disney picked the name Thumper now.

No keg fizz tonight, @Torrside@twitter.com for tea instead.

On a trip to the parents, that involves not seeing the parents. Don't ask!

Previously mentioned unexciting stuff from the House of Deyes revealed...
😮 Webshite "relaunched" at deyes.im
😮 I now also post on Mastodon @tony

Greetings from my shonky instance. It'll probably fall over at some point as I'm totally inept.


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