I've not yet binned off HSBC (see previous moans for particulars), so that account may be hanging around a bit longer than anticipated.

The First Direct division are sniffing around Mastercard as well, so they may well be switching shortly as well!

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@mark When Parkrun returns, would you consider doing a TX from a run to combine both hobbies?

Your real friends will keep in touch in some other way. Your other "friends", you can do without.

Come today, no replacement card has arrived. Called again to be told that there is no record of my previous call (funny that, I have a recording of it here!) and as a result my account has been closed. Their solution was to to the website and apply for a new card.

So thanks HSBC, I will do just that. With another bank. 🖕


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Useless Bastards of the Week award goes to HSBC.

Credit card was coming up for expiry, so as I don't use it all that much - the odd hotel or car hire booking really - they sent a letter in August asking me to call if I wanted it renewing. I called their local call centre, which I believe is conveniently located on the other side of the planet, confirming such.


Final countdown now on. How many pints can I consume before 22:00hrs? 🤣

The bank app has the option to set the name shown when logging on. I'm not sure what security benefit this provides, but I've set it to insult me anyway.

Why, yes. I have arrived early and walked 20 minutes out my way, just to check into a Spoons...

I may regret the big coat though. The weather was pretty naff when I set off, it seems a lot brighter and warmer now.

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Taking the idea of travelling green on the train to the limit. Just need a green mask now!

That's it. eMMC pulled out, the Pinebook is going on eBay for spares. Total trash.

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Needless to say, I'm not going to bother with future endeavours from Pine64

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The Pinebook is going to get bootfucked into the River Don if it continues to not power on. Don't need this shit now.

I shan't start on the issues with the Pinephone. Beginning to think I got what I paid for.

Making inroads into the minty badboy

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